Warwick’s Umbrella Kitchen

Commissary Kitchen Rental & Onsite-catering Kitchen Rental


Equipment and Extras Included

  • Large Walk-in Refrigerator, Large Walk-in Freezer, 2 Double Door Reach-in Refrigerators
  • Double Stack Convection Oven, 36”Char grill, 36” Griddle, 12 Burner Range and Ovens, 2 Double Fryers, Stock Pot Burner, Slicer, 20 qt & 55 qt Mixer, Robot Coupe Food Processor and Immersion Blender, Vitamix Blender, Buffalo Chopper, Bread Slicer
  • Various size Pots and Pans, Whisks, Spatulas, Rubber Spatulas, Tongs, Speed Carts, Hotel Pans, Sheet Pans
  • Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper, soaps, sanitizers, paper towels

Extras for Purchase

  • Fryer usage, cloth kitchen towels, single-use gloves, and food storage containers

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 HOURLY:  $25
 DAILY:  $175


Gross Sales Charge
Under $1000 $150
$1000-$5000 20%
$5000-$25,000 15%
$25,000-$50,000 10%
$50,000-$100,000 5%
This will be a line item on the caterers invoice for the client to pay.  The caterer will submit this payment to the Town of Warwick.